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We are here for you, providing you with any type of support and guidance you need during pregnancy, the first day of birth, early intervention and throughout the years. We are delighted to join you in welcoming your newborn baby with Down syndrome, who will be an adorable addition to your family and fill your home with blessings, love, joy, and happiness.
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Now with the best experts in the field, you can choose the suitable timing for you and learn more about our team of specialists who are passionate about their work and dedicated to help
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From the various fields of expertise, let us know what’s on your mind, and our counselors will answer your questions and inquiries with high level of professionalism, providing you with the latest developments and the best methods and practices
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Created by talented individuals with Down syndrome
They paint with their hands the most beautiful paintings under the supervision of the volunteer, worldwide recognized Visual Artist Dr. Najat Makki. The colors are mixed with a love that reflects their beauty and expresses their inner world and creativity.