Chairperson Message


Dr. Manal Jaroor
Chairperson of Emirates Down Syndrome Association

Since 2006 ,fruitful years of  continuous success the association had to offer, I’m very proud and honored to write this letter.The hard work and diligent area clear translation of the association’s vision, this gives me the opportunity to shed the lights on the accomplishments of the past years, and watch“Emirates Down syndrome association” transact and expand, and look forward to a cheerfuland bright future.
Our philosophy is mainly focused on sustainable happiness, this was a result of our great leaders’ efforts into making us the happiest people in the world.

With the development of the association and the development of the services provided, our priority has always been to provide a better life for people with Down syndrome and facilitate their full inclusion in the society.

We believe that our effective role in the society is a result of our great leaders’ guidance and directions inproviding the best life possible for people with determination, rising social awareness and promotingpositive attitudes towards people of determination through providing the information and involving the society into taking partial responsibility for people with Down syndrome.
People with Down syndrome are creative and capable people, our role is to discover their abilities, help them be independent, and prepare them for thesocial inclusion. Additionally, our role is to target the society and encourage positive attitudes.

The association had an active and outstanding role in the recent years,andthere is still more to offer. The association’smessagehas reached its destination locally and internationally, andits efforts paid off whenthe association was chosen to host the World Down Syndrome CongressDubai2020 ,this definitely shows the advancement the UAE achieved in supporting people with Down syndrome

Last but not least…..I look forward to see their hopes and dreams come true under the supervision of our great leaders