Early Intervention

Early intervention plays an important role in developing and improving children with Down syndrome, the intervention starts from the earliest weeks after the child’s birth. According to the Federal law number 29 which was published in 2006, people with Down syndrome share equal rights like any UAE citizen, especially when it comes to the rights of health, education, and employment.
Early intervention offers all types of support for the family and the individuals who are involved in the child’s life. The intervention focuses on investing in the early stages of the child’s life because in these stages the child learns to develop his cognitive, linguistic, fine and gross motor skills, in-addition to his autonomous skills (relying on oneself), the intervention also prepares the child for educational inclusion. This early intervention helps reduce the government and the family’s financial expenses.

Family counseling is one of the most important services the association offers, the counseling sessions start either from pregnancy or after the child’s birth and it keeps going for the whole year.

  • Direct family counseling sessions

When a family realizes that they are having a child with Down syndrome, they go through many emotional phases such as sadness, denial, helplessness, anger, and

fearfulness, family counseling can reduce these negative emotions and can help families be more accepting and it could also guide families into finding happiness, stability and understand each family member’s responsibility.

Both professional and humanistic relationships are offered by the association to the family, to help them find the perfect solutions for their emotional and psychological distress, so they could learn to have better coping mechanisms in a shorter period of time.

Many programs were offered to provide social and mental support to the child and his family, to make the child more independent and to help the family find good solutions for the hyperactivity and behavioral issues the child might come up with, and to also help the family understand the future dilemmas they might come across as child with Down syndrome grows older.

Along with direct family counseling the association offers other services to the family such as:

  • Awareness workshops and conferences and training lectures
  • Entertaining social programs that help the families to exchange experiences and information and help them bond and feel more relatable.