The United Arab Emirates is one of the first countries that has taken great precautionary measures and provided vaccines to all its citizens and residents, especially to the people of determination, which has contributed to the decrease in the number of cases and the provision of a safe environment while monitoring the latest developments and following instructions based on them.

Taking the vaccine is one of the most important things recommended for people with Down Syndrome who do not have specific contraindications to the vaccine, according to the guidelines of national and international health authorities.

There are some medical conditions that people with Down Syndrome may be exposed to that increase the risk of infection with COVID-19 including: chronic heart disease, chronic lung disease, kidney disease, obesity, etc. which calls for adhering to and continuing to double the preventative measures and general health.

It is necessary to declare if people with Down Syndrome suffer from severe or excessive sensitivity, which includes difficulty in breathing, dizziness, and any other symptoms to exercise caution and take trusted medical advice.

Programs and actions initiated by the country:

  • National at-home testing program for people of determination
  • Free at-home testing services to enhance safety and public health
  • Provision of health and precautionary advice
  • Priority in getting the vaccine
  • Procedures, precautionary measures and instructional videos
  • Provision of psychological support to relieve stress and overcome challenges

Important medical information:

  • Filling out the form for people with Down Syndrome helps doctors gain information that helps provide them with the appropriate physical treatment, in case they need to go to the hospital due to symptoms associated with COVID-19.
  • Health passport for each child.
  • COVID-19 resources.

Helping your child understand and deal with the pandemic in an interesting way.

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Helping children overcome stress

Helping parents deal with stress

Contacting a psychiatrist

Priority In taking the vaccine

Precautionary procedures and measures

National program for at home COVID testing for people of determination

Psychological support to relive pressure

Provision of health and precautionary advice

Free At home COVID Testing